Since its beginning, PulteGroup has benefitted from the strong principles our founder Bill Pulte infused into our culture about how we serve customers, how we build homes, and how we treat our people.

Today it all starts with a simple statement that articulates a very lofty ambition: be considered the country’s most respected homebuilder. To be respected requires that we are doing a lot of things right.

The building blocks of PulteGroup’s exceptional culture include our Goals, Commitments and Principles. Critical to our long-term success is having clearly defined goals that we pursue each day. Along with Superior Operational Execution and Foresight for the Future, we aspire to have Inspired Employees and deliver Exceptional Customer Service.

Homebuilding is a wonderful business that can have a profound impact on others’ lives. Achieving success in such an industry requires people who are genuinely excited to be a part of the PulteGroup team. Bill Pulte often said that he never worked a day in his life because he loved what he did. Our goal is for everyone at PulteGroup to be just as inspired. Such inspiration makes it easier to invest the hours needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

To be an employer of choice, PulteGroup must do its part to generate such inspiration which is why we clearly define our Commitment to all employees. We must provide Work that Moves You within an environment that trusts our people and provides Opportunities to Grow. We must also be A Company that Brings You Pride. Only by being our best can we be worthy of the best from the people who call PulteGroup home.

Today, having pride in our company demands a culture that is welcoming to everyone and openly embraces diversity in all its forms…not just for the nice sounding words, but as a source of meaningful competitive advantage in our business. Beyond offering an inclusive workplace where people feel valued for their true selves, we are continuously learning and working to build the organizational infrastructure to help ensure equal opportunities for personal growth and career success.

With more than 5,000 amazing individuals working across the country, how do we better ensure that day-to-day decisions are aligned with our organizational goals? This is what our Guiding Principles are all about, providing a true north for decision making throughout the organization. Just like our Goals, our Principles focus on how we should be thinking about our customers, our quality and our people. As an organization, if decisions are made based on trying to Do the Right Thing, our future will be bright and PulteGroup will be a company people are proud to work for.

Bill Pulte passed away in 2018, but there is no doubt he would be pleased with our success, and proud to see that his values remain at the core of who we are. Now entering its eighth decade, PulteGroup continues to embrace the ideal that it’s a privilege to build a customer’s new home and every day we are living our – Purpose of Building Incredible Places Where People Can Live Their Dreams.