As a company, PulteGroup has had the privilege of building homes and communities where people can live out their dreams for more than 70 years. As an organization, we are focused on building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce. By seeking out and celebrating our differences, we not only get closer to each other, but closer to the customers and communities we serve.

For us, developing and expanding organizational diversity goes much deeper than the business potential, rather it speaks to who we are as a team and the supportive culture we have built. Since our company’s founding, we have embraced the core belief that our people are our most important resource, and we must have a welcoming culture that focuses on their success and growth. Only by holding fast to this ideal and investing to make it a reality can we remain a company of choice for all.


If our purpose is building incredible places where people can live their dreams, then we must build an incredible company where people are trusted and valued to be their best, most authentic selves.

Doing so starts with our core belief: “Do the Right Thing.” That means we trust each other to make good decisions. That means when we are stuck, we have a guide to help us forward. That means the hardest questions sometimes have the simplest answers: Do the Right Thing.

We are 5,000 + people from different backgrounds and different areas of the world united around this core belief. It strengthens our culture, brings together our people, and drives ourselves and our business forward.


There is no finish line. While every milestone is a moment for reflection, it more importantly serves as a launching point for better. Among the milestones we have already reached along our journey:

A Great Place to Work
Reflective of our outstanding culture, PulteGroup is routinely ranked among the best companies in the world as measured by our Gallup and Great Place to Work survey results. In 2023, we were again certified as a Great Place to Work (GPTW), named among the 2023 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®, and recognized as one of the 2023 Best Workplaces for Millennials™. These designations are an important acknowledgement of the culture we are building at PulteGroup.

To get even further, we know we need to expand our workforce to be even more inclusive. We have made considerable progress, but we view this as just a starting point.