Founded in 2019, the PulteGroup Diversity Board includes employees from across disciplines and regions working together to develop, sponsor, promote and evaluate the effectiveness of our diversity and inclusion work.

Diversity Board Committees


Help address the need for affordable housing and increase minority homeownership rates.


Improve and expand training and education opportunities to build a more diverse workforce that isn’t afraid to talk about race.


Increase the probability of recruiting and hiring the best employees by requiring a diverse slate of candidates. Create multiple points of entry and ability for candidates to experience the industry and our company.


Create awareness, value and improvement in the diversity and performance of our team.

Diversity Board Members

Teyi Lawson

Alex Masando

Stephanie McGaw

Melissa Mitchell

Amy Moreira

Gina Owens

Luisa Rosales

Jan Sigman

Salif Solomon

Daryl Whitley

Angie Norton

Fabrice Bokanya

Aaron Cotteral