Culture Story: Our Vision

Our purpose…Building incredible places where people can live their dreams…is the cultural foundation upon which PulteGroup is built.  Just ask any member of our construction team and they will confirm that a great home starts with a strong foundation.

If purpose is our foundation, what better place to put vision than on the roof?  From such a peak, you can look out to our Company’s future and appreciate what success looks like for our organization.

In crafting PulteGroup’s vision of success, it was critical that it aligned with our purpose and was consistent with comments received from our employees.  Building incredible places where people can live their dreams demands that we deliver homes of outstanding quality, in the right locations and that offer a clear value to our customers.  We also wanted this touchstone to be relevant to the marketplace today and for years to come.

Our Vision: Be Considered the Most Respected Homebuilder in America

The word “respected” was included with a very clear intent.  To be respected requires that, as individuals and as a company, we are doing a lot of things right.  It requires that we are delivering an outstanding customer experience.  It requires that we are good partners to our trades and are outstanding corporate citizens in the municipalities in which we operate.  Always remember that we will earn our reputation through every action and interaction, so make each one count.