Culture Story: Our Purpose

For PulteGroup, our purpose is the foundation upon which our company and our culture is built.  Before we define our organizational goals or the principles under which we operate, we must start with “Why do we do what we do?”  Today, consumers, investors and employees expect, and even demand, that the companies they buy from, invest in and work for do more than just make a profit. They expect organizations to be clear about the value they bring to society.  It’s no longer just about what a company does, but how it operates.

To be successful over time, our company must be clear about why it exists and why we do what we do every day.  Purpose answers these questions. Our purpose is our “why”.  Our purpose is rooted in our history and helps guide how we operate today and tomorrow.

Purpose guides both our business decisions – the homes we want to build and the superior quality we strive to deliver – and our relationships with our customers, communities, trade partners, investors and each other.

PulteGroup’s purpose is grand in its ambition and yet so very human in its scale:

Our Purpose: Building incredible places where people can live their dreams