Culture Story: Our Guiding Principles

Whether you have been with PulteGroup for one year or 30 years, you can feel how well we work together, how well we interact and how well we treat one another. While we have always had norms on how we do things, we have spoken principles that guide our behavior. We want to uphold these principles.  We want them to continue to guide us.

What are Guiding Principles?

Our Guiding Principles are the beliefs and behaviors that guide the way for how we act, no matter our role in the company. They bring us together, give us direction and make us stand out in the industry.

Our Guiding Principles: Do the Right Thing

This is our core belief and most important Guiding Principle.  It’s a direct reflection of our founder, Bill Pulte.  He believed that any question, concern or challenge you encounter in work should be answered by just doing the right thing.  For PulteGroup, Do the Right Thing has three primary components:

  • Ethics – the way we behave with our trade partners, land sellers, municipalities and everyone with whom we do business.
  • Professionalism – be professional in the workplace.
  • Respect – treat one another with respect; this is a big part of who we are and what we expect inside this organization.

Compassion for the customer

At PulteGroup, an excellent customer experience is everyone’s goal.   In some way, we are all working to ensure that each customer is delivered a superior home with the highest level of service.  Our customers trust us with the largest single purchase they will ever make and expect us to deliver a home where they will spend the special moments of their lives.  We must always remember that building someone’s home is a privilege and we should treat our customers like family.

Care about quality

Quality is the cultural cornerstone of PulteGroup.  We have invested countless hours carefully considering how we can deliver the highest quality product to our customers; this is why we have Quality Build Standards that span the entire scope of our operation.  Such processes and consistency are key components of how we achieve our goal of being the most respected homebuilder in America.  Always remember that the work we do is meaningful and has a significant impact on the lives and happiness of our customers.

Team-first mentality

Our business is complicated.  There is a lot of pressure and it can be very challenging to work here.  In order to deliver, we have a vast number of employees working together and supporting each other.  No one can be effective at Pulte alone.  Our culture is one that props each other up.  Here, we believe in each other and in the power of collaboration to achieve our larger goals.