Culture Story: Our Goals

We understand that being an industry leader is a journey – and we’re in it for the long haul. Our goals define immediate and long-term areas of focus that will always be critical to our business.

Each of us, in every function and every role, needs to understand how we contribute to the success of Pulte.  When you understand our goals, you should understand what success looks like not only for us as a company, but for you as an individual.

Inspired Employees

Our single greatest resource for ensuring PulteGroup’s success is an inspired employee who passionately believes in our purpose of Building incredible places where people can live their dreams. Everything we do in this company is grounded in the importance of our people; we want this to be the best place that you have ever worked. We want you to be fired up about what you do for a living, about what we do as a company, and about the people with whom you work.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Building someone’s home is a privilege.  Our customers trust us with their single-largest investment that will house them, their families, their dreams and their financial wellbeing.  Our homebuyers are full of excitement, anticipation…and fear.  We seek to deliver an outstanding home and buying experience every time.  When there’s an issue, we must own it. This means three things: (1) Be responsive; be available to our customers. (2) Show empathy; consider the situation from their perspective. (3) Be accountable; swallow pride and ego and make it right.

Superior Operational Execution

Taken in its entirety, homebuilding is an incredibly complex business.  Superior Operational Execution is the consistent construction of high-quality homes that are built safely and delivered on time, with an appropriate return to our shareholders.  This must be our daily focus. We deliver superior operational execution when we follow our many standards and processes.  No matter the department – be it land, sales, construction, mortgage, finance, etc. – help your team by leveraging the processes and standards we have developed, and we will have a more stable and predictable business.

Foresight for the Future

From smart homes to I-Buyers and e-builders, technology is rapidly changing how homes are sold, built and equipped.  We can leverage technology to enhance the homebuying and building process, while making PulteGroup a more efficient, environmentally aware and successful business.  We must always be looking ahead for the changing wants and needs of our buyers to ensure our designs accommodate how consumers live in their homes today and tomorrow.